This elegant Room is inspired by Marie-Antoinette’s estate, Petit Trianon, gifted to her by her husband in 1774.

Useful information

  • Capacity: 2 people, 55m²
  • Room details: 40 m² terrace, PMR room, the only room in the hotel with shutters, period fireplace, 1 shower room (single basin), separate toilet (single basin), floor: herringbone parquet. Sanitary: stone St Maximin and black marble cabochons, height under ceiling: 3,08 m.
  • Airelles x Bonpoint Beauté: Exclusive skincare for our young guests.
    Discover a Bonpoint Beauty Bag waiting in your room, featuring naturally sourced skincare made in France and carefully developed for sensitive skin.
  • A special welcome for animals: A cosy bed, treats, a bespoke menu, pet-sitting services, surprise gifts and more are provided with pleasure and at no additional charge.
  • Amenities and services included: Gourmet breakfast by Alain Ducasse, Petit Afternoon tea, minibar, access to the Valmont Spa, personal butler service, laundry service for a selection of items, parking and valet service, hot drinks, packing and unpacking service.
  • Exclusive Experiences: As a guest of Le Grand Contrôle, you will enjoy a range of exclusive experiences, including:
    - An exclusive guided visit to the Château de Versailles
    - An exclusive guided visit to the Trianon Estate
    - Unlimited access to the Orangery Gardens
    - Royal Afternoon Tea
    - Access to the Valmont Spa
    - Unlimited access to our fleet of golf carts
  • Contact : 
    - +33(0)1 85 36 05 50

The Royal Exclusivities