Le Grand Contrôle: a Michelin-star restaurant at the Château de Versailles

Chef Alain Ducasse has brought his team to a restaurant at the heart of Airelles Château de Versailles. In this exceptional location, guests of Le Grand Contrôle are invited to step back into the past, for feasts of yesteryear from breakfast through to dinner.

It is a unique dining experience designed by Alain Ducasse. In this Michelin-star restaurant at the Château de Versailles, the Kings’ feasts are brought up to date with contemporary twists. Just as in the 18th century, a day unfolds in several acts, punctuated with culinary adventures and moments spent with loved ones, for an unforgettable journey through time.

A unique restaurant at the Château de Versailles for any time of day

You have dreamed about attending grand banquets like those held in the time of the Sun King. Those dreams can become reality: Alain Ducasse invites you to walk in the footsteps of Louis XIV from the moment you get up. Enjoy an exquisite breakfast as you look out over the impressive view of the Orangerie gardens. Just as at Court, there is a selection of sweet and savoury delights to sample with the hot drink of your choice.

At lunchtime, the large dining room is bathed in a royal light and the dishes are inspired by the great classics of French cuisine. The menu changes according to the seasons and the chef’s whim.

In honour of Marie-Antoinette, who loved sweet treats, Alain Ducasse has designed an afternoon tea where you can try cakes and biscuits prepared by our pâtissier with the Queen’s favourite drink hot chocolate, either as it is or delicately flavoured with orange blossom.

The highlight of the show

For dinner, settle in front of the Hundred Steps – the restaurant looks out onto this iconic place leading to the Château de Versailles Gardens. Take your place in a velvet chair – the performance is about to begin. Each course is introduced by a playlet – our take on a perfectly orchestrated ballet. The meal is served over several acts because here, dinner is a theatrical experience: the staff wear period costumes to fully immerse you in Versailles traditions. The wines can be carefully chosen by the head Sommelier to complement the dishes, or can be selected à la carte. After soup, starters, roast meats and salads, there are also entremets and dessert.

A Michelin-star restaurant at the Château de Versailles : an idyllic location

At any time of day, enjoy the historic décor of the Grand Cabinet, the Grand Contrôle’s iconic room reminiscent of the Château de Versailles itself. The ceiling mouldings and Hungarian parquet floor have been entirely restored. You will find intimate tables for two by the immense windows, as well as larger ones suitable for dining as a family in the centre. Revel in a timeless moment in this historic place where, for a moment or two, you will feel like you are truly part of history.

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