We’re saving water and energy

The heating and air-conditioning system is backed by geothermal energy – water at a constant temperature of 12 degrees is drawn from the water table 40 metres below the building to circulate within the heating system. In winter, gas is used to further to heat the water, and in summer to make it cooler. The water is then returned to the water table, creating a closed, waste-free circle.

The lighting is 100% LED. The French business Mathieu Lustrerie made replica 18-century lights using this low-energy solution.

More than 200 windows have been double-glazed for optimal insulation.

The hotel has not installed TVs in the bedrooms for historic accuracy, aesthetic and energy-saving reasons.

Our staff change sheets only on request of our guests during their stay – there’s a little wooden sign for guests to use to let them know when they want them changed.

The hotel cars and golf carts are electric.

We recycle or dispose of waste carefully

Le Grand Contrôle is a pioneer of responsible hotels in the Paris region.

We work with an environmentally-certified company, Lemon Tri, to recycle all out cardboard, glass, polystyrene, wood, cigarette butts and plastic. All our waste is carefully disposed of through traceable means in France.

Our food waste is sorted and collected by social enterprise Moulinot which turns it into fertiliser  or biogas for farmers in the Ile de France.

Our soap is recycled by Unisoap, the Lyon charity which collects single-use soap for recycling at an ESAT centre in Lyon which is largely staffed by people with disabilities. The recycled soaps are given to local and national partner charities who distribute them to people in need.

We’ve got rid of single-use plastic

PET plastic bottles have been replaced by glass bottles in our hotel.

Toiletries in the bathrooms and bedrooms are wrapped in rice paper or other eco-friendly packaging, and the soles of our slippers are suede! All staff members are provided with eco-friendly reusable water bottles, made in France from durable and recyclable materials.

Our furniture is like the rest of the hotel – eco-friendly!

We chose to furnish the hotel in keeping with the history of the building: we bought period furniture which was carefully renovated in Europe.

We worked with French businesses with the Patrimoine Vivant (Living history) label such as Ateliers Perrault for our windows and woodwork, and Ateliers Mathieu Lustrerie de Régis Mathieu for our lights.

We practice responsible cleaning

For our guests’ comfort and the good of the planet, our housekeeping team use dry-cleaning equipment and eco-friendly products.

We offer sustainable food

Home-made food is, by its nature, eco-friendly! In our restaurant, Chef Alain Ducasse and his team favour local products, cooked in a way to avoid waste, and use organic fruit and vegetables as much as possible. All fruit and vegetables used come from Ile de France, many of them from the Trianon’s vegetable garden.

All our mini-bar snacks are organic and packaged by ethical businesses or ESAT, and our teas and coffees from the Alain Ducasse range are ethically farmed and produced.


We offer our staff peace of mind

Our managers are always ready to listen, regularly communicating with them clearly and directly, and organising both social and work-related events – charity races, volunteering events and team-building exercises.

The Human Resources Department attaches particular importance to equality between men and women.

The hotel aims to be disability-friendly

The hotel welcomes people with disabilities, both guests and staff. It has worked hard on this with an internal communications campaign (studies, emails and flyers) to inform staff and open up conversations about their personal situation.

We also work with a disability charity which organises team building events based around disability issues.

We take part in Duoday, a national event in which people with disabilities join our team for the day.

Our staff are trained in how to welcome clients with disabilities.


We encourage and value volunteering for our staff

Airelles allows each employee four days during their working year to give their time to projects which benefit society, thanks to their partnership with VENDREDI. The social network devoted to volunteering is used by hundreds of charities and offers tasks which help others which can be done on location or from home, alone or as part of a team. Our staff members are aware of their privileges and enjoy giving their time to others.

A strong partnership with Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque

Our teams are deeply invested in this charity, which make treatment in French hospitals possible for children with heart problems from all over the world.

Each year, we take on a sporting challenge over the course of a month to fund a child’s operation.

Our staff also take part in many events organised by the charity, including  the Trophée du Cœur au Golf de St Nom la Bretèche, the Christmas sale and a Tour de France event. Le Grand Contrôle donates luxurious stays to be won in raffles.

Finally, each employee is sent a birthday card from which proceeds go to the charity.

We work with responsible partners

We are delighted to work with social enterprises and ethical businesses such as Unisoap, Lemon Tri and Moulinot who help unemployed people back into work and work with people with disabilities in ESAT.